Tehran Grand Hotel - Branch 2

Tehran Grand Hotel 2 is located in the center of Tehran with the investment of the private sector. In addition is one of the luxurious and modern hotels in the country, and also the unique hotel in the city center in various ways. The hotel with a total of 81 rooms and 3 suites is located on 8 floors, which is equipped with all amenities and communication facilities, a large conference hall, a permanent restaurant with a varied menu and the benefit of young and experienced staff is only part of the difference with other Accommodation centers. Other features of Tehran Grand Hotel 2 are considered adjacent to the Artists' Park, one of the tourism destinations in the capital, less than 5 minutes distance by metro, museums, bus station, and easy access to Mehrabad Airport, as well as historical, medical, recreational and higher education centers. Then hotel guests can complete their travel goals without any stress and worries.

1Meeting Salon